Engage the Mind with Optical Illusions

Discover the groundbreaking technique captivating the internet. Craft intricate optical illusions, not just spirals but limitless shapes, with the magic of Stable Diffusion.

  • Pattern Mastery: Spirals and other captivating patterns.
  • Text to Illusion Magic: Transform words into wonders.
  • No Subscriptions: No Hidden Costs.

Unlock AI Magic with 500 Credits at just €5

To fine-tune your AI model and generate images, you need to purchase credits. Simply upload a photo, train your AI model, and enjoy the generated high-quality images.

See what is possible to generate

With Boostpixels, you can turn your imagination into pictures! All you have to do is write something you want to see in a picture, like “a blonde girl is sitting on a (rocket:1.2) with fire, digital painting, high quality”.                
Then, in just a few seconds, you'll get a pictures made by AI.

You can even use a picture of yourself to make the AI generate pictures with you in them!