500 Credits

Generate images with credits using high end dedicated GPUs. We’re offering this service at rates close to cost-price.

1024 pixel image generation costs 4 credits

€ 5,00

Introduction price

The generated photos may have artefacts and defects. Physical consistency is not a goal and the model is mostly focused on creative output.

The official expiration date for credits is 30 days from the date of purchase. However, we do currently not actively expire credits and they will remain available for use until they are fully depleted.

Please note that credits for image generation are non-refundable. Once purchased, credits cannot be exchanged or returned. Please fully understand the pricing and credit system before purchase. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

We prohibit the use of our product for any illegal or unethical activity. This includes, but is not limited to, generating images for activities such as child exploitation, harassment, or hate speech. Any violation of our terms of service will result in termination of your account without rights for refund.

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High-Performance GPUs at Near Cost-Price Rates

While premium GPUs typically come with a high cost, BoostPixels ensures you gain access to performance levels often reserved for professional studios, all at rates close to cost-price.

Exquisite Quality, Exceptional Speed
Achieve high-quality images rapidly, ensuring your creative process is seamless and efficient.

Elevate Your Art with Affordable Excellence
Empower your projects with hardware that embody your ambition. With BoostPixels, you access top-tier GPU performance of Nvidia RTX 4090, A5000, and A6000 series—at prices designed to make advanced technology accessible without compromising quality.

Boostpixels: Where Premium Meets Affordable
We offer the caliber of GPUs utilized by leading design studios and VFX companies, ensuring the best in image generation technology is within reach, supporting your vision at accessible prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

High-end GPUs, essential for AI image generation, come with substantial costs. Boostpixels prioritizes speed and quality, costing around 2 euros per hour per user user for dedicated GPU usage alone. This makes providing our service for free unsustainable. We aim to offer unparalleled value at near cost-price rates.
Our affordable pricing model is part of out strategy to engage with as many users as possible, gathering valuable feedback and insights to refine our offerings. This approach helps us to innovate and develop solutions that truly meet user needs, ensuring our technology remains at the cutting edge.
Our service is primarily powered by Stable Diffusion, enhanced with a customized generation pipeline, cutting edge research implementations and models tailored for specific use cases. This optimization not only ensures the production of high-quality images but also saves our users time by eliminating the need for extensive trial and error.
We highly value your feedback and suggestions for improvement. If something isn't working as expected or you have ideas for making our service better, please don't hesitate to reach out via our contact form: https://boostpixels.com/form/contact
At Boostpixels, we're committed to addressing the unique challenges of visual content creation. Our bespoke services are designed for businesses seeking tailored solutions, leveraging the latest in AI image generation to meet your specific needs. Discover how we can support your project at: https://boostpixels.com/ai-image-generation-businesses-custom-ai-solutions