15 cool prompts for Stable Diffusion XL


In this brief article we will share some cool prompts for Stable Diffusion XL.

1. Urban Chic: Portrait of a brunette woman in a chic, tailored blazer and sleek trousers, with minimalist gold jewelry, set in a modern, airy loft with large windows and soft, natural light.

2. Timeless Grit: A dignified old man's close-up portrait color photo, weather-worn, high-contrast chiaroscuro, Rembrandt-inspired, timeless, detailed, sharp focus.

3. Luxe Minimalism: A sleek, modern living room bathed in natural light, featuring minimalist furniture with vibrant accent pieces, ideal for a high-end magazine photoshoot.

4. Victorian Grace: A Victorian-era woman with intricate lace details on her high-collared dress, soft curls framing her face, set in a dimly lit, antique library.

5. Tiger's Gaze: A closeup portrait of a majestic Siberian tiger with vivid amber eyes, surrounded by a snowy Russian forest at dawn.

6. Harajuku Night: A joyful girl in a vibrant Tokyo street at night, styled in Harajuku fashion with rainbow hair, surrounded by neon lights and cherry blossoms.

7. Parisian Moment: A vintage leather satchel on a cobblestone street in Paris, under the soft glow of a streetlamp at twilight.

8. Cyberpunk Vision: A futuristic model in metallic, geometric avant-garde attire, amidst a neon-lit London streetscape, exuding a cyberpunk, edgy vibe.

9. City lights: A long exposure photo capturing the bustling night life of Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing, with streaks of neon light from passing cars, blending traditional Japanese elements with futuristic cyberpunk aesthetics.

10. Aviator's Dream: An adventurous girl with sparkling green eyes, short curly brunette hair, donning a vintage aviator jacket. She's in an old airplane hangar, her confident stare and the warm sunset outside blending a sense of nostalgia and boldness.

11. Product photo: Packaging and branding for Amara's artisanal bergamot liqueur, designed by Luce Studio, amidst an Italian orchard scene with fresh and dried bergamot, showcasing the misty amber liquid in elegant, vintage-inspired bottles

12. Leaping dancer: An avant-garde dancer clad in iridescent, flowing robes, with intricate gold body paint, leaping gracefully atop an ancient, crumbling bridge. The scene is bathed in the ethereal glow of twilight.

13. Beagle historian: A cartoonish beagle historian, clad in a tweed jacket and round spectacles, lecturing animatedly to a group of kittens in a cozy Victorian library, surrounded by towering bookshelves and a glowing globe.

14. Motorcycle riding woman: An edgy red-haired, tattooed woman in her 20s, riding a neon-lit motorcycle down a futuristic Tokyo street at night, wearing a cyberpunk-inspired outfit with glowing accents, surrounded by holographic advertisements and bustling crowds.

15. Glittering Hamburger: A hamburger made entirely of glittering diamonds and gold, resting on a velvet cushion, showcased in a vintage display case.

We hope this collection sparks your creativity and opens new avenues for artistic exploration. Whether for personal projects or professional pursuits, these prompts serve as a gateway to a world of limitless possibilities. Embrace the challenge, and let Boostpixels bring your visions to life.

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