Hidden Text in Pictures: AI's Optical Illusion


In the evolving landscape of digital art, a new trend is the fusion of AI and optical illusion. Introducing "Text Input to Illusion" tool.

Simply visit https://boostpixels.com/text and delve into the innovative world of hidden AI text.

BoostPixels has simplified the process, enabling anyone to generate these novel art pieces with AI, without any technical knowledge, tedious Stable Diffusion setup or the need for high-end graphics card.

Generating AI Optical Illusions: The Step-by-Step Guide

1. Text Input: The Hidden Message   
Begin with your chosen text. This could be a name, a message, or any phrase up to 48 characters. This text will be subtly embedded in the generated image.

2. Image Prompt   
Choose from one of the eight predefined image prompts or write your own. This determines the primary visual your image will showcase.

3. Advanced settings (optional) 
For more advanced users, BoostPixels offers powerful optional advanced settings to fine-tune the optical illusions, optimizing image detail, repetitiveness, and overall visual. 

Select specific fonts and adjust the text's visibility through strength settings: higher values make the text more prominent, while lower values make it subtler. 

The resolution not only influences image detail but also the repetitiveness of patterns; while 512px offers zoomed-in views, 1024px can lead to redundancy, and 768px is often the middle ground. 

Choosing from the three models – Stable Diffusion 1.5, Deliberate V2, and Realistic Vision 5.1 – affects the visual tone, with the latter two offering sleeker or moodier finishes. 

There's an option to pick between Controlnet models - QR Code Monster V1 or V2, each offering distinct effects. Users can also invert patterns, to change the darker areas in the resulting image.

Finally, CFG, closely linked with resolution, fine-tunes the effect, with 7 being a typical optimal value.

The Paradox of Hidden AI Text in Smaller Images

At the core of this is a fascinating paradox: in smaller images, hidden figures become more discernible to the naked eye. However, as one scrutinizes the details, these embedded secrets melt away, integrating flawlessly with the rest of the image.

A Few Hidden Text Examples

These examples highlight the AI's prowess in subtly weaving text into the very fabric of the visuals.

Prompt: People on the beach bar restaurant intricate atmospheric bulb light cosy.
Prompt: Bread slice
Prompt: a close up of a hamburger on a tray, food photograph, avatar imageImage

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